Jax Seafood restaurant in Fort Collins

14 Million Impressions

As of this writing, panowyoming.com images have garnered 14.6 million impressions. An impression is one user viewing one image one time. One person viewing a complete 360 tour containing 12 images generates 12 impressions for that tour. A single image such as this one from Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar in Fort Collins in effect “owns” all of the views it receives. At the moment this one has been seen just over 3 million times. More than any other image we’ve posted.

The Second Story Books

Here we go up the stair to The Second Story Books, one of the most colorful and charming book stores in SE Wyoming and the ONLY private seller of NEW books in Albany County.

With its second story connecting door with Night Heron (used) Books & Coffee House, we do spill through briefly so that you can imagine the endless opportunity available in these two stores.

By the way, we also scramble down the outdoor fire escape and allow a voluptuous view of the outstanding mural celebrating The Second Story AND Big Hollow Food Coop.

83,000 impressions

We are very proud to report that Cheyenne Botanic Gardens panowyoming tour has accrued 83,000 impressions since going live in June 2018! 

Now visitors can enjoy the beauty of Cheyenne Botanic Gardens from the comfort of their living room before visiting in-person. 

Laramie Regional Airport

We welcome Laramie Regional Airport (LAR) to our family of organizations who have their own Street View virtual tours of their sites. LAR is on the move. Adding jet service to Denver some years ago has dramatically increased demand for travel out of LAR. The recently repaved parking lot now is full of vehicles with some still having to park on an expansion lot just to the west of the paved lot. Still, the parking is free and it’s always a short walk to the terminal building. Look for big things from Laramie Regional Airport and panowyoming.com will be there with up-to-date tours of updated facilities. 


Riegel Body Shop

What has surprised us about photographing Riegel Body Shop is the size. It is a family owned business currently headed by Ted Riegel and it has a homey touch. The facility on Washington Avenue in West Laramie can be deceiving. It is much larger than one might imagine seeing the front.

But you can see for yourself. Just click on the image above and you can see it all.

News about Street View

The Street View universe is, to say the very least, highly dynamic. In the time I’ve been working as a Google Trusted Photographer the way in which tours are published has gone through a revolution. Before I had no choice but to work through an agency and give up entirely identifying my own work. Now with third-party moderating software I can (and do) do it all from shoot the photos to tweaking the way they’re positioned on Google Maps. This video is probably too technical for most people. It could well be highly useful as a non-habit-forming sleep aid. But just in case you want to see under the hood what’s happening in my world … well … here goes:


Works of Wyoming

A virtual tour of Works of Wyoming is live on Google Street View.

WOW has a gallery offering various shows throughout the year featuring Wyoming artists and a gift shop, on site and online, showcasing the work of Wyoming artists and crafts-people. They also offer art production workshops, business of art classes and one-on-one marketing consultations in Laramie and throughout Wyoming, on site and online as well. Business Counseling is available to all Wyoming Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses as well as artists.

Works of Wyoming, a project of the Wyoming Women’s Business Center, was created for artists to increase their business knowledge as well as enhance their visibility. WOW was created to encourage Wyoming artists with networking, training and workshops, art community building. WOW works directly with artists to develop training in business and marketing practices.

Street View now links to business tours

Now Google Street View will automatically link to a business tour if the tour is close to Street View. Following is a short embedded PowerPoint presentation. To start it, just click anywhere on the player. At the bottom center of the presentation is a button to make the presentation full screen. You may advance the presentation by clicking anywhere on the player. Following the presentation you can view the Laramie Recreation Center business tour.