Fort Vasquez

In Platteville, Colorado, on the “Canada American” Highway (U.S. 85) located literally amid the northbound and southbound lanes one encounters this small community historic site that celebrates the local cultural heritage. This tour offers a peek at what is to be seen inside. 

As a “rest stop” Fort Vasquez offers quite a lot: coffee, candy samples, gift shop. As a historic site you will find some rich diorama displays of artifacts and photographs and a reconstruction of Fort Vasquez. You will most days meet the museum’s director and curator who is forthcoming with a number of interesting bits of lore. 

Next time you are avoiding traffic hell on I-25, take a half-hour break at Fort Vasquez. The coffee and internet access are free and the overstuffed chairs very comfortable. 

83,000 impressions

We are very proud to report that Cheyenne Botanic Gardens panowyoming tour has accrued 83,000 impressions since going live in June 2018! 

Now visitors can enjoy the beauty of Cheyenne Botanic Gardens from the comfort of their living room before visiting in-person. 

Laramie Regional Airport

We welcome Laramie Regional Airport (LAR) to our family of organizations who have their own Street View virtual tours of their sites. LAR is on the move. Adding jet service to Denver some years ago has dramatically increased demand for travel out of LAR. The recently repaved parking lot now is full of vehicles with some still having to park on an expansion lot just to the west of the paved lot. Still, the parking is free and it’s always a short walk to the terminal building. Look for big things from Laramie Regional Airport and will be there with up-to-date tours of updated facilities.