Altitude Fitness Tour

We are thrilled to add Altitude Fitness to our “family” of virtual tours in Albany County, Wyoming. Brand new Altitude Fitness is one of the most advanced private training facilities in the Rocky Mountains. Memberships along with many training programs and daily classes are available there.

Ivinson Home for Ladies

One of the most beautiful and well-preserved buildings in Laramie — Ivinson Home for Ladies — now features a LLC tour. The tour, now integrated with Google Street View, offers views of the grounds, exteriors and key interiors.

For example, below is the iconic front entrance of Ivinson Home for Ladies:

Click on the arrow to step inside and visit the Ivinson’s dining room and day room:

We’d never seen the interior of the Ivinson Home previous to this. Here is an opportunity for able senior women to live a life of elegance and ease.

Chalk n’ Cheese Tour

Chalk N’ Cheese, located in the downtown Laramie, is a space  where new ideas are born, new friends are made, and new experiences are curated. Their new Google virtual tour offers a taste of what’s in store.

Are you interested in learning how a virtual tour can help your enterprise? Call us at 307.314.9818!

Markle Financial Tour

Just published new tour of Markle Financial in Laramie.

Markle Financial is committed to the long-term financial success of Laramie and those who call it home. Their wealth management services provide practical, customized solutions for a variety of financial needs – whether you’re looking for a trusted financial advisor, proven investment counsel, retirement planning support, or help for a personal challenge.

Woolf’s Greenhouse

357 N Third St, Laramie

Woolf’s Greenhouse is one of those jewels of a business that some communities are fortunate to enjoy. They open as a greenhouse as soon as it is practical to begin planting things. All of their plants are started in January from seed. The business typically closes for the season in July when everybody should be in the ground so to speak.

Laramie Rec Center


We are most pleased to introduce a full facility 360 tour of the Laramie Recreation Center on Boulder Drive. The tour covers two floors and includes more than 50 images.

Click on the arrow above to begin the complete tour of the Laramie Rec Center. For information about, call (307) 314-9818 or email us at [email protected]

Bent & Rusty

The Bent & Rusty is the first Albany County retail outlet to offer a Google Business Tour of their beautiful store. Bent & Rusty is located in Laramie’s historic downtown district. Photography is provided by and processing and moderation is provided by based in New Jersey.

Founded in 2013 The Bent and Rusty is a group of Wyoming Craftsman and Artisans who make one-of-a-kind items for those who appreciate quality and unique style. Each Craftsman and Artisan creates beautifully crafted rustic designs, rustic home designs, rustic furniture, and much more! The Bent and Rusty, also creates customized projects to cater to your personal style and specifications.

The Bent and Rusty started at Bart’s Flea Market and within several months moved to historic downtown Laramie, 117 E Grand Ave where they resided for 2 and a half years. In September of 2016 they moved to much larger location around the corner at 308 S.2nd Street.