Riegel Body Shop

What has surprised us about photographing Riegel Body Shop is the size. It is a family owned business currently headed by Ted Riegel and it has a homey touch. The facility on Washington Avenue in West Laramie can be deceiving. It is much larger than one might imagine seeing the front.

But you can see for yourself. Just click on the image above and you can see it all.

News about Street View

The Street View universe is, to say the very least, highly dynamic. In the time I’ve been working as a Google Trusted Photographer the way in which tours are published has gone through a revolution. Before I had no choice but to work through an agency and give up entirely identifying my own work. Now with third-party moderating software I can (and do) do it all from shoot the photos to tweaking the way they’re positioned on Google Maps. This video is probably too technical for most people. It could well be highly useful as a non-habit-forming sleep aid. But just in case you want to see under the hood what’s happening in my world … well … here goes:


Works of Wyoming

A virtual tour of Works of Wyoming is live on Google Maps.

WOW has a gallery offering various shows throughout the year featuring Wyoming artists and a gift shop, on site and online, showcasing the work of Wyoming artists and crafts-people. They also offer art production workshops, business of art classes and one-on-one marketing consultations in Laramie and throughout Wyoming, on site and online as well. Business Counseling is available to all Wyoming Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses as well as artists.

Works of Wyoming, a project of the Wyoming Women’s Business Center, was created for artists to increase their business knowledge as well as enhance their visibility. WOW was created to encourage Wyoming artists with networking, training and workshops, art community building. WOW works directly with artists to develop training in business and marketing practices.

Laramie Dental Arts

Congratulations Laramie Dental Arts on your new virtual tour. Troy Knaub, DDS, is the principal at this long-standing Laramie dental practice. Dr. Knaub acquired and remodeled the former Laramie Plains Federal Credit Union building at 352 N 4th Street in Laramie. The new home for the practice includes beautiful operatories and the latest equipment. One recent addition is a dental cone beam CT scanner capable of creating 3D images of the patient’s entire mouth.

Cowgirl Yarn on East Ivinson

Here is another great panowyoming.com tour. Great because the client has an absolutely gorgeous store filled with everything and anything associated with yarn, knitting, looms and more.

Click on the image above and immerse yourself in beautiful colors and fine products. Here are a few more clickable examples:

Cowgirl Yarn is in early stages of introducing a studio in its recently improved ground level. Access may be obtained from inside the store but this link is a little more straightforward.

Altitude Fitness Tour

We are thrilled to add Altitude Fitness to our “family” of virtual tours in Albany County, Wyoming. Brand new Altitude Fitness is one of the most advanced private training facilities in the Rocky Mountains. Memberships along with many training programs and daily classes are available there.

Ivinson Home for Ladies

One of the most beautiful and well-preserved buildings in Laramie — Ivinson Home for Ladies — now features a panowyoming.com LLC tour. The tour, now integrated with Google Street View, offers views of the grounds, exteriors and key interiors.

For example, below is the iconic front entrance of Ivinson Home for Ladies:

Click on the arrow to step inside and visit the Ivinson’s dining room and day room:

We’d never seen the interior of the Ivinson Home previous to this. Here is an opportunity for able senior women to live a life of elegance and ease.